Sound Advice Beats a Cacophony of Chatter

Spring 2018

Can you guess how many years out of the last 20 the stock market had a positive return? According to The Balance, negative stock market returns happen every 4 years. Which means that 75% of the time, we can expect annual returns to be positive. It’s good to remember this fact in today’s volatile times.

The video below illustrates what goes on in the financial world. Voices come at us from all directions and from varying points of view, each one claiming to know when the market will peak, so you can achieve the (unattainable) market ideal of always buying low and selling high.

Reacting to all of these voices is both impossible and unwise. An effective advisor can help you tune out the noise and stay invested during jittery markets, so you can reap the rewards of long-term equity returns.

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