HR Pros:
Don’t Forget You

While you’re busy making sure everyone else is up-to-date on benefit elections, strategizing team compensation, recruiting top talent, or cheering on company culture, who’s looking out for you?

Human Resources Clients

What sets human resources professionals apart is that you really understand the importance of financial planning. You also have a good grasp of the benefits available within your organization, since you may have had a hand in designing the plans and selecting the vendors.

However, HR executives are often so dedicated and passionate about their jobs that they fail to make time to focus on themselves. So while you’re busy helping others, you might allow your own financial plans to fall behind or fail to take advantage of company benefits.

“I just find some people aren’t booking the time, because they’re so busy running their plan designs and making sure everyone else is covered that they’ll miss their own investment dates,” says one HR executive.

Like an HR Director for Your Money

HR professionals are exactly the people who understand most how important it is to protect financial security. Let us worry about the day-to-day details so you have the freedom to focus on your career. HR executives, of all people, should be able to achieve financial independence at a reasonable age with good planning.

If you are in the HR department, hiring a personal CFO is a smart decision. One successful HR executive we work with advises that hiring an advisor is “the best money you’ll ever spend.” As for the fees, she says, “I think about it as an investment in my future.”