Intelligent Guidance for Tech Clients

Our firm is uniquely qualified to help members of the tech community make smart financial decisions by explaining the benefits and tradeoffs of various choices you face as part of a rapidly growing company or industry.

Coaching, Convenience & Continuity

As life gets more complicated, an advisor can offer you the following:​​​

Peace of Mind

The confidence of knowing you have a plan to achieve your goals.


A resource who will hold you responsible for implementing your financial plan.

A Savings Target

Ensure that you are saving enough today to achieve your goals and maintain your lifestyle in retirement.

Tax & Money Savings

Guidance for how to take advantage of tax breaks, avoid inappropriate or excessive insurance, and invest in a tax-efficient, low-cost, risk-appropriate manner.

A Fast Track to Goal Achievement

Reach your goals faster by ensuring that you're not wasting money on overpriced or unnecessary financial products, and that your investments are growing in the most efficient way possible.

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In addition to tailored financial plans and direct client service, we also have a wealth of material that can help you navigate RSUs, ESPPs, and other benefits and opportunities you may face throughout your career.

Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)

This post explains the wealth-creation benefits of participating in an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP). These plans are an employee benefit available at many companies that have issued publicly traded
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Pre-IPO Wealth Planning

If you’re an employee of a private company on the verge of an initial public offering (IPO) or buyout, here are 5 things you need to do now to maximize
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Preserving Wealth After an IPO or Liquidity Event

For the lucky few who manage to work at—or start—the right company at the right time, a big wealth creation event—an IPO, a merger, an acquisition, or other liquidity event—is
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What percentage of your assets is held in stock of your company? Would you buy that much of the stock today? Are you willing to gamble your financial goals by
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White Papers​

Our white papers offer the same brand of expert advice as Joyce’s financial planning books, only with a narrower focus and fewer pages.​

Preserving the Wealth of Successful High-Tech Community Members​

The BE WISE Planning Strategy for Tech Executives and Entrepreneurs

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Helpful Graphics

These handy graphics are designed for entrepreneurs and individuals working in tech.

The Entrepreneur’s Wheel of Life​

The Four Phases of Startup Life

The BE WISE Planning Strategy

If you have less than $2 million in investable assets but are sitting on an equivalent amount of vested options or other equity awards, let’s talk.