Hello, Googlers!

Want to make the most of Google-specific benefits and opportunities? You’re in the right place.

How We Can Help

Our Google clients come to us for help with strategic Google Stock Units (GSU) diversification, tax minimization, risk mitigation, and to establish a plan to achieve their goals. Often, Google employees have portfolios that are overweight to Google stock after years of GSU vesting without action to sell. Overexposure to your employer’s stock adds risk. We help our clients determine an appropriate amount of Google stock to hold and create a tax-efficient diversification plan to reduce risk. If you have less than $2 million in assets available for management but are sitting on an equivalent amount of vested GSUs, let’s talk.

Some of the specific planning we do is unique to Google employees, such as:

Compensation from your Google Stock Units (GSUs) can be significant. Our planning work includes understanding what’s vesting over the next 3 to 5 years for short-term planning purposes.
GSU vesting, all income and expense items, and annual taxes are incorporated into our cash flow planning; after calculating an annual surplus or deficit, we help you establish a plan to manage your cash flow and achieve your goals.
Together, we create a target for how much Google stock to hold and a tax-efficient plan for diversification.
If it’s appropriate, we may recommend enrollment in Google’s ETP to automatically sell vested GSUs during blackout periods.
On an annual basis, we gather data about your bonus and salary, then strategize your 401(k) contributions and elections to maximize pre-tax, after-tax, and employer contributions. Then, we guide you to make in-plan Roth conversions and confirm they have been made.

If you’re lucky enough to have been at Google for a long time or receive large refresher grants, you may be on track for achieving financial independence early. Our long-term projection work models various scenarios—which may include early retirement, startup investing, or large purchases—to give you the confidence to venture ahead, secure in the knowledge that you have a solid plan.

Also known as insurance planning, risk management can help you protect your assets from catastrophic loss. You don’t want too much insurance or too little, but you do want to cover loss of income or large expenses from events that could harm your health or wipe out your savings. Google employees receive generous insurance benefits, including no-cost term life insurance, the opportunity to purchase additional coverage, and survivor benefits coverage.

We’ll work with you to identify costly gaps and overlaps.

All clients receive ongoing financial planning. Receipt of refresher GSU grants, raises, and bonuses is incorporated into your personal Cash Flow Projection to help with short-term liquidity planning and balance your cash flow needs with your time horizon, ensuring that big purchases are stress-free. We help you preserve your assets by taking appropriate risk with your investments, minimizing income taxes, and protecting what you’ve worked hard to accumulate. Long-term goals and short-term needs are all part of the equation. As your situation changes, or if you want to consider new possibilities for the future, we can quickly incorporate those changes into your plan.