Negotiating for a “Second Bite of the Apple” with Founder Steve Datnow

Steve Datnow is a San Francisco Bay Area engineer and entrepreneur. He has been involved in five liquidity events, first as a startup employee, and most recently as a founder. He grew his most-recently acquired company, human resources software maker OrgChart5 Inc., from zero to 1,500 customers by bootstrapping, leveraging his connections, and negotiating well. […]

Ex-Tesla Attorney Mark Cameron White Shares Startup Tips

Did you know that Elon Musk is not a founder of Tesla? That honor belongs to Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, longtime clients of our guest, attorney Mark Cameron White. White shares stories and wisdom from decades of practicing law in Silicon Valley and around the world. He talks about the importance of building a […]

Wealth Management Icon Tim Kochis on Business Succession

Lots of startups are identified with their founders, and vice versa. But to truly thrive, companies need a plan for the unexpected—and the eventual expected—departure of the founder. In this episode, Joyce Franklin talks with wealth management industry icon Tim Kochis about succession planning for entrepreneurs, how he founded, grew, and merged his firm to […]

Shopify CTO Allan Leinwand on Scaling Your Company Post-Liquidity

Shopify CTO Allan Leinwand is a serial startup executive who has worked at many fast-growing tech companies, including Slack, Zynga, ServiceNow, and Cisco Systems. On the series premiere of Startup Wealth, he shares his unique and successful approach to selling stock after a liquidity event, how he chooses the tech companies he works for, and […]

Trailer: What is Startup Wealth?

Starting or joining a brand-new company is one of the most exciting things you can do in business. It’s also one of the scariest. The Startup Wealth podcast is here to guide you. Each week, CPA and Certified Financial Planner Joyce Franklin talks to an expert guest about financial success and lessons learned on the […]