Get Smarter About Wealth While You Work Out

The Startup Wealth podcast is for people who work in startups or in companies with a startup attitude. We talk about soaring successes, famous fails, insider insights, and smart financial advice.

The Startup Wealth Podcast

Guests include seasoned executives and advisors who share insider takes on entrepreneurship and what it’s really like working in a fast-growing tech company.

CPA and Certified Financial Planner Joyce Franklin is your host.

For more than 25 years, she’s helped people in the tech community successfully navigate the tradeoffs that come with being part of a thriving organization.  Through this lens, Joyce guides guests in discussions of the challenges and opportunities that arise before, during, and after an IPO or liquidity event.

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Helpful Graphics

These handy graphics are designed for entrepreneurs and individuals working in tech.

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The Four Phases of Startup Life

The BE WISE Planning Strategy

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