Wealth Management Is About More than Money

As comprehensive wealth and tax planning professionals, we help you get a handle on your entire financial life. What makes us unique is our expertise in equity award planning and in-depth tax matters, along with our individualized approach. We go far beyond asset management into big picture stuff, like values, relationships, and lifelong dreams.

What's Included​

Through ongoing personal contact—via email, phone, or in-person meetings—our clients receive professional, personal, accountable financial guidance, tax planning, and investment management. Managing risk through insurance planning is also part of the discussion. We also provide quarterly performance reports and face-to-face annual reviews.

Financial & Tax Planning

All clients receive ongoing financial planning. With this service, we help you preserve your assets by taking appropriate risk with your investments, minimizing income taxes, and protecting what you’ve worked hard to accumulate. Long-term goals and short-term needs are all part of the equation. As your situation changes, or if you want to consider new possibilities for the future, we can quickly incorporate those changes into your plan.

Long-term planning includes finding the date you can achieve financial independence, and then implementing and monitoring your plan. It also includes maximizing employer benefits, such as deferred compensation plans and tax-deferred plans like 401(k)s. If you are self-employed, we can help you make the most of other tax-mitigation strategies and retirement savings vehicles.

Insurance planning—also known as risk management—can help protect your assets from a catastrophic loss. You don’t want too much insurance or too little. But you do want to cover loss of income or large expenses from events that could harm your health or wipe out your savings.