Climate Change and Your Portfolio

A few clients have asked about how climate change may affect their portfolio, and what we as advisors can do to mitigate risks. Will today’s macro global trends change how the market behaves in the future?

GameStop and the Efficient Market Hypothesis

Recently, investors have banded together on unconventional platforms to drive up the prices of a handful of “meme stocks,” seemingly without traditional evaluation of investing risks and rewards.

Stocks Know COVID Will Disappear Someday

One major theme of the year was the perceived disconnect between markets and the economy. How could the equity markets recover and reach new highs when the economic news remained so bleak?

Tax Loss Harvesting

Harvesting tax losses is a brilliant wealth-creating technique. Selling your loss positions is a sure way to offset gains realized during the year and stockpile losses for future years. Capital losses in excess of capital gains can reduce other income by $3,000; any excess loss is carried forward for use in a future year. Remember […]

The POTUS & the Stock Market

Here is an interactive graphic showing economic and stock market data for each president since Hoover in 1929.